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Planetary Biology


By Aerial Habitats, Aerial Plankton, Aerobiology, Bioluminescence, Cohoke Light, Earth Lights, Evidence, Flight, Flying Squid, Habitats, Jellyfish, Marine Invertebrates, Movement, Mystery Lights, News, Orbs, Planetary Biology, Railroad Mystery Lights, Sky Jellyfish, Spook Lights, Virginia

The mysterious Cohoke Light floats along a stretch of railroad track that passes through a swampy forest in eastern Virginia. For generations, the light has thrilled and puzzled residents. Local…

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MA-6 Full Transcript and Audio – John Glenn’s Historic “Firefly” Flight

By Aerial Habitats, Aerial Plankton, Aerobiology, Astronauts, Biolayer, Bioluminescence, Dawn, Evidence, Flocks, Friendship 7, Habitats, John Glenn, Mercury Program, NASA, Not Alone, Not Alone - The LIfe Above, Pilot Reports, Planetary Biology, Sky Jellyfish
Here is a full transcript and audio of the 1962 Mercury-Atlas 6, Friendship 7 mission with pilot John Glenn. Hear his actual first-hand account of what he saw. (more…)
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The Brown Mountain Lights

By Aerial Habitats, Aerial Plankton, Aerobiology, Behavior, Bioluminescence, Brown Mountain Lights, Earth Lights, Effects on Humans, Flight, Group Behavior, Habitats, Life Cycles and Populations, Linville Gorge, Movement, Mystery Lights, News, North Carolina, Orbs, Planetary Biology, Sky Jellyfish, Spook Lights, United States
For centuries, hundreds of people have reported lights moving through the skies of western North Carolina. The Brown Mountain lights are one example of our planet's many unexplained luminous phenomena.…
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