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We need your help.

Help us explore The Living Sky:

  • Learn about the sky
  • Watch and study the sky
  • ¬†Share your observations and recordings
  • Share your techniques

Scientists and Science Students

We need your skills and training. Study various aspects of the atmosphere and share your findings here and with your colleagues. Explore the frontiers of atmospheric science, meteorology, and aerobiology. Need suggestions on likely fields of study? Explore the site and please feel free to CONTACT US.

Pilots and Astronauts

You are first hand observers of the atmosphere – our eyes in the sky. You may have witnessed objects and events nobody ever has before. Could some of them be living things? Please share your stories, observations, photos and recordings here. We will gladly respect requests to remain anonymous. Please share this site with your colleagues. For aviation and space safety, it’s important to understand the range of life in the sky. Future pilots and astronauts may benefit.

Drone and UAV Operators

Your equipment and skills could let us visit and observe areas of the sky we could never reach before. Turn your eyes to the sky and explore the hidden habitats among and above the clouds. Share your techniques and findings here. You and your colleagues may become true pioneers in the study of life in the atmosphere.

Optical Engineers and Photography Technicians

Your equipment, software, and techniques may help reveal unseen wonders of the sky. CONTACT US to let us know how you can help observe objects in the atmosphere that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Share your findings here. We would welcome the chance to consult on possible innovations to expand our range of atmospheric observation.

Witnesses of Unexplained Atmospheric Phenomena

Thousands of other people have seen strange objects in the sky. You may have seen a strange but perfectly natural phenomenon. Help us learn more about the sky by sharing your story with other readers here.

UFO Investigators and Enthusiasts

You know about the huge number and variety of reports of Unidentified Flying Objects. Review the most credible cases and the best evidence. Could some UFOs be atmospheric life forms? Carry out new investigations to consider the possibility. Share your findings and evidence with other readers here.

Potential sponsors and partners

Our hypothesis of life in the sky can be tested in many ways. We have dozens of specific proposals to study different areas of our planet for evidence of atmospheric life. Do you want to help us conduct what could be groundbreaking research? Please consider providing financial support or partnering with us in other ways. CONTACT US to explore the possibilities.

To all our readers:

  • Learn about Earth’s rich and varied fluid atmosphere and consider its potential as a habitat
  • Study marine life, especially invertebrates like jellyfish and squid
  • Learn about the wide variety of unexplained atmospheric phenomena, including UFOs, ball lightning, mystery lights, earthquake lights, and a host of others

We hope you will help us look at the sky in new ways. The hypothesis of life in the sky can only be proven through new evidence.

CONTACT US with any questions. Thank you for your help!