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A variety of discs move through our planet’s clouds. Could some actually be alive?


Our planet’s atmosphere is a rich and varied habitat.

Possibly home to a wide variety of creatures.

Some UFOs may actually be living things in the atmosphere, like marine organisms.


Highly mobile “discs” move in and out of clouds, like creatures using habitat for resources and concealment.

Case 1
January 2011

A small plane flies tourists above Peru’s Nazca plains to view the ancient petroglyphs.

High above the desert, they fly into a strange thick cloud, where a strange object approaches.

Like a disc examining the plane.

Reference video
Much more aerial footage, clouds, and many interesting views of the object!

Case 2
October 2010

Passenger in commercial airliner films Peru’s Andes mountains below. Zooming in, he sees unique and rich habitats, pools of clouds, vapor lakes.

Then a cascade of light.

Like aerial creatures using bioluminescence.

One translucent disc momentarily lifts out of the clouds, then quickly reenters.

Reference video
Posted as being over U.S., then identified as being over Peru. Great camera that got these views out of an airplane window.

Case 3
July 2006

Space Shuttle mission STS-121

Looking down at night on immense clouds over Brazil’s Amazon River basin.

A large disc easily moves through them.

Reference video:
NOT ALONE: The Life Above
30 great pieces of NASA evidence for living UFOs, including this full clip.

Three different cases, with vastly different scales. Just a small sample of the many discs in our skies.

Do you know of any other good examples? Post them in the comments below, or send us a message.


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