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The mysterious Cohoke Light floats along a stretch of railroad track that passes through a swampy forest in eastern Virginia. For generations, the light has thrilled and puzzled residents.

But no one knows what it really is.

Over the course of a year, we visited the area to learn more about the light. We studied the environment, surveyed the rich local history, interviewed witnesses, and kept watch for the light. LIGHT ON THE TRACKS presents the story of the Cohoke Light as it has never been seen before.


Around the world, people report a variety of other mysterious lights. These “earth lights” or “spook lights” seem to move through the air, flare and dim, and react to human presence. Could some of these lights be produced by bioluminescent atmospheric organisms?

Song “The Light” ©2018 Ben Vincent and Brandon Slavey. Used with permission.


Looking for Life Above