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If invertebrate life moves through our atmosphere, we might see it near or on our satellites, including our Space Station. It seems we may have…


Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) report finding “plankton” and microscopic life forms on the satellite’s surface.

Sea plankton found on the outer surface of the ISS

Life in space? Sea plankton discovered attached to ISS outer hull

PLANKTON found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS

Sea Plankton on Space Station? Russian Official Claims It’s So



We will try to obtain images of the finds. If you have or know of any actual images of the plankton found, please share and we will post them here.

“The results of the experiment are absolutely unique,” said the head of the Russian ISS orbital mission Vladimir Solovyev. “We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface. This should be studied further.

Astronauts speculate the plankton was carried up from below by atmospheric drafts.

Life in the atmosphere.

Here is an opportunity.

A Proposal:

Deploy nets and collection devices outside the ISS with cameras. Let’s see what’s really up there; we might net more than any of us expect!

Learn more and join the hunt!



Looking for Life Above