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The mysterious Cohoke Light floats along a stretch of railroad track that passes through a swampy forest in eastern Virginia. For generations, the light has thrilled and puzzled residents.

Local legends try to explain the source of the light, but nobody knows what it really is.

Over the course of a year, we visited the area to learn more about the light. The documentary THE COHOKE LIGHT presents the results of that study.

The 51-minute film explores the history of the Light. Local witnesses describe their encounters with the Light and other mysterious objects in the sky.

THE COHOKE LIGHT shows amazing new footage of luminous phenomena flying through the night sky. It proposes a new, scientifically sound answer to the mystery. Could the Cohoke Light actually be caused by bioluminescent atmospheric organisms?

All around the world, people see “mystery lights,” “spook lights,” or “ghost lights” similar to the Cohoke Light. Witnesses often describe them as moving with intelligence. The lights often react to people and sometimes even interact with them. Studying these lights near Earth’s surface can be a great first step in understanding the richness of life in the atmosphere.

The full COHOKE LIGHT documentary is now available for rental or purchase.

We will be posting more info about the documentary along with some behind the scenes pictures!


Looking for Life Above