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A Reader from New Jersey reports:

We were sleeping in a small motel right on the beach. An intense light woke us in the middle of the night…

We looked outside and saw the brightest light we’d ever seen. It pulsed and glowed in amazing colors.

The light came from a giant disc shaped object at the water’s edge. After what seemed like forever but was probably only a few minutes, the light faded and the object dimmed from sight.

This happened in the early 1980s near New Jersey’s southern shore. I know this isn’t a typical UFO story but this thing scared and amazed us. What could it possibly have been?


Thanks for the amazing story!

There are many other reports of giant luminescent discs, sometimes at sea, sometimes in the sky, and sometimes moving between them. Perhaps this was a giant bioluminescent organism, moving where sea, sky, and land all meet.



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