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Here is a classic encounter recorded by Tony Shea, Editor-in-Chief of Shea Magazine. Beautiful images of a mysterious lifelike object…

Note as with many other sightings the special set of lighting conditions: This is visible just before dawn, when the sun’s rays highlight things in the sky, before the sun rises and full light washes out visibility.

To observe interesting atmospheric objects, one should consider watching near dawn or dusk, when extreme lighting conditions may reveal things in the sky.

Very interesting shape and movement of the object. I wish he got the telescope to work!

Check out the movement and stills. Is this some kind of aerial squid-like organism with very thin webbing between it’s arms?

You can read his article about the sighting here. Great work and thanks for staying up all night to get this amazing footage at dawn, Tony!

Here are a couple of screen captures:







Addendum:  We asked noted Director of Photography, camera expert, and editor Kevin O’Brien to review this clip. Here is his evaluation:

Looking at the video, when he zooms in two things are happening:

He is looking through a window that has dirt and water drops on it.
He is zooming in and is out of focus.

I believe everything we see here can be explained by four things:

1.  When he zooms in, he is out of focus, and the object is seen through water/dirt on the window, making it look like some cool bacteria.
2. When he focuses, he is still looking through stuff on the window which distorts the image.
3. The lens has its own distortions, only noticeable when zooming in on a point source.
4. I suspect by the brightness and size of the object that it is Venus. Thus it might actually have a crescent shape, that is distorted by the above.

That said, I wish he had gone outside and gotten the telescope to work! Then we’d know a lot more.




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