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A Space Shuttle accident may have given us one of the most important pieces of scientific evidence in human history…

When people ask about the best evidence for living UFOs, this is high on the list.

The NASA footage reviewed here was released by broadcaster Martyn Stubbs and physicist David Sereda, both interested in the unexplained objects it shows.

There are many inferior versions of this floating around the web. This version was sourced from the original VHS release of the material. Subsequent DVD and digital versions are compressed with less detail.

Until Mr. Stubbs releases the original versions, this may be the best version of this footage available.

If you are interested in these frontiers of science, it is well worth your time to review the uncut, raw version of the STS-75 Tether Incident footage.

This footage deserves detailed cross-disciplinary analysis. It reveals a new view of our environment with vast implications.


Looking for Life Above